African Proverbs

Gnatola ma no kpon sia, eyenabe adelan to kpo mi sena. (Language:Ewe-mina)

A moins ce que le lion ait son propre narrateur, le chasseur aura toujours la belle part de l'histoire. (French translation)

Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story. (English translation)

Munyal deefan hayre. (Language: Fulfudle)

Avec beaucoup de patience on peut cuire même une pierre. (French translation)

Patience can cook a stone. (English translation)

Kukhuta kwa njiri, nkhumba nkhabe sekera bi. (Lanuage: Sena)

Se o javali ficar saciado, o porco nao fica satisfeito (A saciedade do javali, o porco nao se alegra). (Portuguese translation)

A warthog eating its fill does not delight a pig.(English translation)

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