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By now you may want to know a little more about us. We are Just Millin' Around, the creators or Proverb Nation and proverb cards...

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Everyday, in every way, we should celebrate “every day” life! We are the "every day life enthusiast" and our cards reflect that. Today's modern understanding of the world often renders the 'old fashioned' - outdated or even mundane. But for the everyday life enthusiast, contentedness, yes, even pleasure and happiness are found in the simple.

There is a PROVERBIAL saying: if you want good advice, consult an old man. And while it is hard to argue with such wisdom - why do we have to wait to get old to be wise? Just millin’ around cards are the perfect way to remind people of these wise sayings, some of which you will see for the first time in your life.

No matter what culture, proverbs are often the way elders pass on knowledge to the younger generations. Many of us grew up with parents or grandparents who used proverbial sayings - sometimes two to a sentence! Yet it seems that using proverbs in our modern world has become a lost art.

But never have so few words said so much. A combination of wit and wisdom make proverbs and riddles not only fun, but intellectually stimulating. With this new card series, the proverb will again take its rightful place in dialogue. It will again grace the local coffee houses, be whispered as sweet nothings in lovers’ ears, and be heard as praises shouted from rooftops.

our proverb cards

Each language and culture uses unique words and phrases to characterize their way of life, their values and traditions. These expressions of everyday life whether about love, worry, truth, etc. are universal in nature but at the same uniquely worded, making them a treasure for any linguist.

To ensure that the richness of a particular language was not lost, each proverb and saying has been translated in its most literal form. But with that said, some sayings clearly do not translate well, the idea simply is 'lost in translation'. It is for that reason, if there is already a similar expression, an English equivalent if you will, it was also included. For example: Lithuanian proverb

Ant kurio vežimo sėdi, tam ir giesme dainuok literal translation Sing to the one whose cart you are riding on English equivalent Love the one your with

To read more about the card series go to about us section about the card series

the artist

Juste Grumšlytė (pronounced: Yoos-teh Grum-shlee-teh) was born in March 18, 1983 in Biržai, Lithuania. She is the oldest of three children. For 9 years, Juste played for the Biržų Girls Basketball team. Juste began to draw during her high school years after being inspired by her aunt, Vita Kisieliūnienė, a world renown doll maker. In the summer of 2001, she participated in an international theatre camp in New Castle, England. In the summers of 2002 and 2003 Juste was invited to participate in the K.A.T. (Kearsarge Arts Theatre) youth theatre in New Hampshire run by Trish Lindberg. It was during this summer, John Dopkin and Gale Bradford placed some of Juste’s drawings in their small framing shop Northern Exposures in Plymouth New Hampshire. Many passers’ by came into the framing shop to see Juste’s artwork. By the time she left New Hampshire most of her 100+ prints had been bought. It was then, that Juste realized her true calling, and the rest is history.

In 2004 as the project organizer, Juste invited Trish Lindberg to Lithuania and both helped organize a summer youth theatre camp sponsored by Lithuania’s Ministry of Culture attended by both Lithuanian and American youth. She graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2005 with a degree in Theatre Acting. In 2005-2006, Juste delighted audiences with her wonderful characters in the Šaulių Drama Theatre, one of the oldest theatres in Lithuania. Juste has done voice over’s for Lithuanian children’s films such as “Zebriukas dryžius” (The Stripped Zebra), as well as commercials for Colgate©, Coca Cola™, L’Oreal © and others.

the creators

Juste and Dalita with new release of L & F

Juste and Dalita met in the summer of 2005. Introduced by Dalita's cousin 'Rooni' (Arunas), they immediately cliqued and became friends. Juste returned to New Hampshire and then to her native Lithuania. Since she was a young girl, Juste had been drawing pictures of everyday life. Never too worried about the technique or colors, she was always able to capture a little piece of “real life” in each of her paintings. When she was 16, there was an art contest at her school, located the small town of Biržai in northern Lithuania. She entered the contest, and to her surprise, won! The school’s art instructor had encouraged her to begin attending the local art school, but Juste never believed that type of instruction was for her. As she got older, some of her artwork was displayed in galleries in Lithuania, and some found their way to a quaint, little framing shop Northern Exposures in Plymouth, New Hampshire owned by Dopkin and Gale Bradford. Many people fell in love with her depictions of life from friendship to hardship. When Juste and Dalita met again in the summer of 2006, the two shared their lifelong passions; Juste - painting and sharing her art, and Dalita owning her own line of greeting cards.

A wife and mother of 4 children, Dalita lives in Vista, California. After working in Marketing for 10 years, Dalita topped off her carreer in corporate marketing at Nostalgia Ventures where she headed up the "Direct to Consumer" division. She now works full time in her small business endevor with partner Juste and is looking forward to making Just Millin' Around (cards and gifts) a hosehold name. She recently launched Agape Fundraising, -faith based fundraising for faith based organizations - which of course feature the Just Millin' Around proverb greeting card sets.

Raised by her grandparents, Dalita feels blessed to be able to share some of the wisdom she grew up with. She adds “it’s nice to create something that brings a little joy to the world. I remember being as a little girl, and my grandfather would drive my sister Bitute (her real name is Roberta) and I to Sav-On, the neighborhood drug store in Silverlake, CA, a little village not far from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. He would spend his time looking in the paper isle (he was always in need of supplies - or just curious to see the new line of pens that had made their way to the market that year; frankly any paper item was fair game. Believe me, I know that some of you reading this are closet 'paper isle people', but don't worry, your secret is safe with me.) My grandfather was a poet who fled the Soviet occupation of his homeland, Lithuania and later immigrated to America after WWII. I had the utmost respect for this man, who held my hand, and called me “Dalyte” (which is the diminutive for “Dalia”.) He and my loving grandmother nicknamed my sister “Bitute” which means ‘little bee.’

We would often linger with him in that very paper isle for what seemed like hours at a time, but when I got a little bored, I would venture to the next isle, the GREETING CARD ISLE. There, I could read for hours (if someone would have let me.) And thus my passion was born. As young as age 9, I was already a Greeting Card critic. If it made me laugh, it was good. If it made me cry it was good. I didn't care too much for the ones with kittens or puppies on them - probably because I was highly allergic to anything with fur. It's not that I am a member of PETA, I am really just allergic to pet dander. The cards with a beer or scantily dressed ladies on the cover did not entice me. I pretty much stayed away from those - I knew they would just have crude jokes that I wouldn't understand anyway (and who was I going to ask, my grandfather?)

In high school, or maybe early college, I stumbled upon a unique card store - Papyrus. Never before had I seen so many unique cards and card STUFF in one place. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Don' even ask how many hours I could spend in there. “Ma'am… I'm sorry, we have to be turning off the lights now and rolling down the gate..." I knew someday I would own my own greeting card line, specialty greeting card store and more. I just didn’t know when or how. I knew I could come up with sayings that were better than the ones I had been reading since I was 9 years old. I knew there was an awesome “greeting card idea” somewhere in that head of mine.

the card series

After seeing Juste's paintings, it was only natural to merge the two ideas – Juste’s paintings and would be matched with Dalita’s sayings. Dalita soon found that being a greeting card critic is easier than creating your own sayings. But something better popped into their heads. So many of Juste's paintings already depicted life’s everyday situations, and there were already sayings for them - proverbs. Thus - Juste's paintings were merged with proverbs, riddles and other cultural sayings. They did not want to limit themselves to only Lithuanian proverbs (which both had heard our whole lives - and learned to love!) They began matching up proverbs from all over the world with Juste’s paintings and to their amazement, 'they fit, like a hand in a glove." (See, we slipped one in there without you even knowing it!)

the logo and tag line

The idea for the 'Just millin around' tagline and logo came from a couple of my childhood friends Ruta (Sidrys) Kulbis and Vicki (Wenslow) Siliunas. I lived in California, they in Chicago. Ruta and Vicki were roommates. Besides being extremely amazing young women, they had the funniest recorded message on their answering machine. Just picture this (or imagine what it would sound like):

In the background, an accordion version of a traditional Lithuanian folk dance "malunas", 'the windmill' was playing, with Ruta's voice saying, "Hi, you've reached Ruta and Vicki's, we're out milling around, but leave your name and number etc...

Very clever, right? For over 20 years, that recorded message has played over and over in my mind. Thanks Ruta and Vicki for the inspiration!!!

special thanks...

As with anything we endeavor to accomplish in our lives, there are always more people in the background than out in front. Sheer GRATITUDE is the best way we can express the fact that our dreams could not be brought to life without the help of so many. A great BIG thanks to Neringa Maxwell who has transformed the logos and artwork into digital format for our modern day world. As an artist herself, she has been able to capture the simplicity of just millin’ around and make it technically- well, complicated – as is needed for websites, print, etc… From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!

Rokas, as usual, you have made technology ‘our friend’ and we can’t tell you enough what your patience and kindness mean to us ‘the techno challenged’!

Last, but NO WAY least, to Rooni (Juste’s bo) and Eric (Dalita’s husband). Talk about behind the scenes! Thanks for all your love, support, and oh, yeah, the money to begin our journey as female entrepreneurs. By the grace of God and faith in ourselves to achieve some very lofty goals, we know you won’t be disappointed!!!

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